Monday, April 06, 2020


Coronavirus Can Occur After Recovery

Coronavirus infection may occur again after recovery! What did researchers say?

The worldwide death toll from the coronavirus has increased to more than thirty thousand. There are 716,101 total infected people worldwide. In India, this number has reached 1000. The highest number of deaths due to coronavirus occurred in Italy. In the last few days, you must have seen that the test report of COVID-19 patients […]

Immunity Booster Juice Made With Red Carrots and Beetroot Juice

Immunity booster: Red Kanji juice made from red carrots and beetroot help to boost immunity, know recipes to make and benefits

Immunity booster: Due to coronavirus these days everyone is being asked to increase their immunity. This is because if your immunity is strong, then no virus can cause significant harm even by attacking your body. At the same time immunity cannot be increased by eating anything or following any rules. This is such a thing, […]


Xiaomi Launches Limited Edition of Redmi

Xiaomi Launches Redmi Note 9S Limited Edition Smartphone, Know Expected Price and Specifications

Xiaomi has launched a limited edition phone Redmi Note 9s MFF 2020. This limited edition smartphone is being described as an edition of the Redmi Note 9S phone. The company has also given information about this on its official Twitter account. #RedmiNote9S X #MiFanFestival2020 Advertisement Only 2020 units available worldwide! Cop or drop? #LiveSmartBuySmart […]

OnePlus 8 Series Smartphone Will Be Launched on April 14

OnePlus 8 Series Smartphone Will Be Launched on April 14, Know Expected Price and Specifications

OnePlus is now preparing to launch the new OnePlus 8 series. Recently, the company told through its official Twitter that the OnePlus 8 series will be launched on April 14. The #OnePlus8Series is coming. April 14. Advertisement — OnePlus (@oneplus) March 30, 2020 Advertisement At present, there is a panic of Coronavirus in the whole […]

Apple iPhone 9 May Be Launched on 15 April

Apple set to launch the new iPhone 9 on 15 April, Know expected price and specifications

Apple iPhone: After Apple‘s success of its iPhone SE, now the company is going to launch the new iPhone 9. It was to be launched in March but due to the coronavirus, it was not possible. For the past few days, rumors about its launch date have surfaced, but now the launch date has been […]

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