Coronavirus Cases in Iran

127 more deaths from Coronavirus in Iran, death toll reached 1812, More than 23000 Covid-19 cases reported


Coronavirus in Iran: The Coronavirus killed 127 more people in Iran. With this, the number of people who lost their lives due to this Covid-19 infection reached 1,812. At the same time, 23,049 cases of infection have been confirmed in Iran. Iran in West Asia is facing criticism for not taking the quickest step to isolate people most affected by the coronavirus and isolated. The United States has imposed strict sanctions on Iran. Government TV on Monday (March 23) revealed the number of people who lost their lives due to coronavirus infection.


At the same time, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday (March 22) turned down the US proposal for the prevention of coronavirus. Khamenei said that US officials have sent consistent messages to Iran regarding his proposal, but it was not accepted. He said, “Don’t trust them.” He said that in the agreement to deal with the coronavirus, America is facing tightness in its country.

On the other hand, Coronavirus in Spain killed 462 people in 24 hours. After this, the number of people who died of fatal infection in the country reached 2,182. The Ministry of Health gave this information on Monday (23 March). The death rate has increased by 27 percent compared to the data released a day earlier. The number of cases of Covid-19 in Spain has increased to 33,089. This country is the most affected after China and Italy.

Cases of death and infection in Spain are increasing despite the nationwide lockdown being implemented on 14 March. However, the country has enhanced its ability to check for infection. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the lockdown was implemented for the first two weeks but has now been extended to 11 April.

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In Spain, with a population of about four and a half million, the health system is at the mouth of collapse. The most affected area is the capital Madrid with 10,575 cases and 1,263 deaths, 58 percent of the deaths across the country. Emergency coordinator Fernando Simon of the Ministry of Health said that about 3,910 health workers have been infected with this deadly virus.

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