91 people from South Korea who have recovered from coronavirus have got infection again

91 people from South Korea who have recovered from coronavirus have got infection again


Coronavirus In South Korea: There have been 91 such coronavirus patients in South Korea, who have received treatment earlier in the grip of this virus infection. The incident has raised many questions in front of health experts. The most important of these is the doubt on the immunity developed by the body to prevent coronavirus infection.


Most countries were hoping that after treating the infected people, they would get so much immunity that they would not be hit again. These cases of South Korea have made him worried. There are indications that the virus may persist in the patient’s body longer than previously anticipated.

Currently, the reason for this new trend has not been revealed. It may take a week for a full investigation report to be received. Prior to this, South Korea was believed to be successful in preventing the spread of the virus infection on a large scale. In February, up to 900 cases were being received here in a single day, on Friday the number has come down to 27. So far 7000 people have been treated here.

Fear: Virus did not return, ‘reactive’ occurred

The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent teams to the city related to these cases in Daegu. About half of the country’s cases were found here. Then some people infected had no symptoms of the virus. Some had fever and breathing problems.

The director of the center, Jeong Yoon Kaesong, has speculated that the virus has not reintroduced into these people, but rather reactivated. Falls can also be the reason for negative tests in which patients are considered to be virus-free despite having a virus.

Negatives were met in two consecutive tests in 24 hours

The country’s Health Ministry spokesman Son Young-Ray has clarified that any patient is being declared completely fine only when two of his test reports have come negative at a gap of 24 hours. This investigation was performed with the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) procedure.

Despite this, re-infection in old cases is an indication that the virus may last longer in the body. Infection pathologist of Korea University Guru Hospital Prof. Wu warns that the figure of 91 is just beginning, it will increase further.

WHO also baffled, engaged in investigation

The WHO said that he is conducting a study of getting the virus again in patients shortly after recovering. According to the organization, this is a new trend, more data is needed about it. The organization spoke of caution in the sample collection process during the investigation.

Coronavirus patient engages more people in the first week

According to research conducted in Hong Kong, an infected patient may be more vulnerable to others during the first week. The study found out why this infection is spreading so fast. The study took samples of saliva from 23 infected people aged 33 to 75 years. The investigation found that patients had significantly higher viral loads on the first seven days of infection, which gradually decreased.

The researchers said the infection could easily spread to other individuals before the patient was hospitalized the first week. Hong Kong University Associate Professor Kelvin So Kai-Wang says that corona infection can last up to a month in a patient.

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