Coronavirus in Italy

A record 627 deaths a day from Coronavirus in Italy, 4032 people lost their lives so far


Coronavirus in Italy: With 627 more deaths due to the coronavirus in Italy on Friday (March 20), the number of people who died of the disease has crossed 4,000 in the world despite the government’s best efforts to control the epidemic.


The daily death rate from this disease in this country has been much higher than that which was the official death rate during the peak of this disease in the Hubei province of Wuhan in China. In Italy, 475 people died of the disease on Wednesday (March 18).

In Italy, there have been more than 1500 deaths from Covid-19 in just the last three days. In Italy, 4,032 people have died of this disease so far. The incidence of the disease in the country increased by 6,000 to 47,021.

Italy: Coronavirus took a generation, struggle to bury

The situation in Italy, which has become the new hub of Coronavirus after China, has become uncontrollable. Here in the province of Bergamo, the situation is so terrible that even people who have died of coronavirus are facing struggles in cremation. In just two weeks, an entire generation has lost its life. The situation is so catastrophic that the locals say that it is going to make people cry.

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According to a report by The Guardian, the burial of corpses in Bergamo province is facing a lot of problems. The churches here have lines of coffins in which the bodies of those who died of infection are to be buried.

Because of this people have to keep the dead bodies in their homes for several days. The reason for this is that the functioning of companies responsible for the last rites in this Italian province facing the coronavirus epidemic has collapsed.

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