Jackie Chan Coronavirus Infected Rumors

Actor Jackie Chan is in Quarantine Due To Coronavirus Infection; Know The Truth


So far 2,835 people have died due to novel coronavirus in China. This figure is continually rising. This virus is inflicting harm to people not solely in China but also in other countries. New instances of infections and deaths are also coming from the rest of the world. News is getting viral on social media, by which it’s being told that Chinese superstar Jackie Chan has also been caught in the coronavirus.


Jackie Chan’s fan followings are worldwide. He also has many followers in India. But ever for the reason, that news came out that Jackie Chan is also in the grip of Coronavirus, followers have been frightened about him since then. But now Jackie Chan himself has reacted to this rumor spreading continuously.

Actor Jackie Chan | Image: Social Media

Jackie has given a message to his followers through his Instagram account. He wrote, ‘Thank you, everyone, for so many concerns. I’m safe and healthy, I request you not to panic. I’m not in Quarantine (a place to deal with sufferers throughout rare diseases). I hope you all are healthy too.’

Explain that in view of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised its threat and danger level to the highest. Starting from China, the threat of the coronavirus, which has spread to more than 50 countries of the world together with South Africa, has been kept on the highest level ever.

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