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Air Asia Emergency Landing: A Female Passenger Threatens To Blow Up With Bomb


Air Asia Emergency Landing: An Air Asia aircraft had to return to Kolkata Airport due to bomb threats. According to information, a female passenger threatened that she had a bomb, which would blow the plane into the air.


This matter happened on Saturday. The aircraft took off from the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport at 9.57 pm carrying 114 passengers. The airport official said that a few minutes after takeoff, a woman gave a slip to a cabin crew member and asked him to hand it over to the pilot. It was written in the note that the bomb is tied to her body and she can explode at any moment.

The pilot then informed the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) about this. ATC instructed the pilot to bring the aircraft back. The official said, “ATC had fully implemented Emergency at that time. As soon as the plane landed at the airport, it was taken to an empty place at 11.46 minutes.

The CISF took the passenger into custody. However, after an extensive investigation, no bomb was recovered from him. According to the police, the name of the 25-year-old girl is Mohini Mandal. She is from Salt Lake.

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Police said the woman was arrested and medically examined, which found that she was probably intoxicated. The investigation of the case has started. In this regard, the girl’s family members are also being talked about why she was going to Mumbai. Initial investigation revealed that the woman wanted to return to Kolkata, so she did the trick.

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