Air India starts booking domestic flights from May 4, tickets for international routes from June 1

Air India starts booking domestic flights from May 4, tickets for international routes from June 1


New Delhi: Government airline Air India has started booking domestic flights from May 4 and international flights from June 1. The company said that it will operate domestic flights on select routes from May 4 after the second phase lockdown ends. The flights will be launched on international routes from 1 June. Private airline companies had already started booking from May 4.


The government implemented a lockdown across the country from 25 March. It was earlier implemented until 14 April. The lockdown has been extended to 3 May, with the latter announcing the second phase. All domestic and international aircraft flights are prohibited during this period. On April 3, Air India said that it had stopped booking for domestic and international flights till the end of the month.

A notification issued by Air India on Saturday said, “Due to the global health crisis Coronavirus, we have stopped bookings for domestic flights till May 3 and international flights till May 31.” Ticket booking can be done for select domestic services from May 4 and for international flights from June 1, 2020.

A senior Air India official told that initially flights connecting metro cities will be started. Later the number of flights will be increased keeping in view the situation. He said that all the guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Health will be followed for the flights. It also includes guidelines on cleanliness in the aircraft, ensuring social distance between passengers during check-in and boarding, and leaving the middle seat empty on the plane.

These instructions were issued by the DGCA at the time when the flights were not completely closed before the lockdown. It was told that passengers will not be able to sit on the side-seat. One seat will have to be left vacant in the middle. After this, the airline companies were leaving the middle seat empty.

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