Telagana Rape Case

All 4 accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case killed in encounter: Telangana Police


HYDERABAD/NEW DELHI: Ten armed policemen took the 4 suspects – who weren’t handcuffed – to the scene of the crime to reconstruct the incident early on Friday, VC Sajjanar, police commissioner of the Hyderabad suburb of Cyberabad, mentioned.


The toll plaza the place the rape and homicide passed off is near the suburb, which homes numerous world tech corporations like Microsoft and Google.


The police had been in search of the sufferer‘s cellphone, energy financial institution and watch which had been reported lacking, the police commissioner mentioned.

“The four men got together and started to attack the officers with stones and sticks and also snatched away weapons from two officers and started firing,” the commissioner mentioned, in response to questions on why the boys had been killed.

“Although the officers maintained restraint and asked them to surrender, they continued to fire and attack us. This went on for 15 minutes. We retaliated and four accused got killed.”

Two officers suffered head accidents however these weren’t brought on by bullets, he added. The two law enforcement officials had been admitted to hospital, he mentioned

“Let me tell you this. The law has taken its own course,” he added.

The police had been closely criticized after the rape and homicide of the vet – significantly when the sufferer‘s household accused them of inaction for 2 hours.

The mom added that she wished the regulation on sexual assault and rape to be stricter.

“Men should be scared to even stare at women – because they will be punished,” she mentioned.

The sufferer‘s sister mentioned the police motion was “very unexpected”.

“I was expecting court trials and the court to deliver justice. This will not bring my sister back, but it is a great relief. Because of the police action, people will think twice before they do something like this again,” she mentioned.

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