Anti-Doping Rule Violation Against Russia

Anti-Doping Rule Violation: Russia is Exiled for 4 Years from International Sports Competition


Anti-Doping Rule Violation: Russia is Exiled for 4 Years from International Sports Competition: The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) expelled Russia for four years on Monday for allegedly violating anti-doping rules and changing doping reports in Russia, in the wake of the official ruling.


The decision was made on Monday after a meeting of the Working Committee of the World Dope Organization in Loz, Switzerland. In a statement on behalf of the organization, spokesman James Fitzgerald said, “The decision to impose this sentence against Russia has been taken unanimously.” It also said Russia’s anti-doping agency, Rashada, could apply to the International Sports Court within 20 days to reduce the punishment.

This means that Russia will not be able to participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics next year, the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022, and the World Cup football in Doha in the same year. However, Russian athletes will be able to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In that case, they will join the Olympics for the International Olympic Committee. They will carry the flag of the International Olympics Organization in lieu of Russia’s flag. Even if they win gold, the Russian national anthem will not be played.

Following the announcement of the punishment that day, several Russian sports organizations have announced that Russian players will move to a neutral country in Tokyo. Vladimir Salnikov, head of the Russian Swimming Agency, said: “Whatever the situation, Russian athletes will participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Of course, the Russian national flag and Russian national music will be at the Olympics. But if the situation is not in their hands, then nothing to do. Nobody has the right to break the dream of safe athletes. “Alexi Vlaschenko, head of the water polo and diving company, said:” Even if we have to go from a neutral country, our athletes will still go to the Olympics. Winning a medal will show their determination. “

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The World Anti-Doping Agency has also set rules for Russian athletes who want to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Their spokesman, Fitzgerald, said, “Those who attend the Olympics must prove that Russian laboratories had nothing to do with the way they hid information about Wader’s rules.” The Russian anti-doping company and its laboratories have declared many of the athletes as innocent by changing their sample. Those athletes who were found guilty of cheating cannot be allowed to participate in the Olympics. “

Last month, the International Olympic Committee reported that a doping case, including a sample change of more than 100 athletes, was hidden in a Moscow lab. Rather, the anti-Russian doping body was blamed for the WADA and the International Olympic Committee.

After announcing the sentence that day, Warder Vice President Linda Helland said, “There is nothing to be happy about that decision. But it was the punishment that went against the crime committed. This is the biggest corruption in the game world. Hopefully, this time Russia will admit their guilt. At the same time apologies to the sports-loving spectators and athletes of the world. “

Yadav, himself head of Russia’s anti-Russian dossier, is not sure what the future will hold after Wader appeals the sentence. According to him, Russia will not be able to win against the verdict, even if applied. In the words of the Rushadah chief, “Applying against this sentence of four years in exile in the court does not seem to be going to happen.” There, a final decision will be made, whether to appeal against this punishment to the International Sports Court.

The jury added, “This incident is nothing but a tragedy. Athletes who do not even go doping have the opportunity to enter the international sports competition. In his words, “Athletes’ athletes have a very short life span. This four-year exile was a big blow to anyone while they were in the midst of Gagan. “

Over the past few years, Russian athletes and weightlifters have been banished in several competitions, including the Olympics. Even at the Winter Olympics in 20, Russian athletes had to go to neutral countries.

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