Australia Bushfire

Australia Bushfire: Millions of Wildlife Burnt Alive in Australia’s Forest Fire


Australia Bushfire: Millions of Wildlife Burnt Alive in Australia’s Forest Fire: 48 million wildlife burnt down in a fierce fire in the forests of Australia and New Zealand. So far 24 people have died and thousands have been rendered homeless. But the death of a large number of wildlife due to fire in millions of hectares of forests has shaken the whole world.


Due to Australia Bushfire, crores of uncultivated ash have become heaps and fear can be seen clearly in the eyes of those who are somehow left. However, the fire department and the local people are coming forward to help these innocent people. Viral koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife pictures on social media will make you emotional.

According to an estimate, there were 17.5 mammal animals, 20.7 birds and 129.5 reptiles on an average of one hectare in these forests. Whereas in New South Wales, more than three lakh hectares of forest were burnt down. Multiply this by the number of animals and birds, then this figure will reach about 50 crores.

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Talking about the loss, more than 8 thousand koalas died in Australia alone. New Zealand has also suffered a lot from this fire.

Millions of animals tried their best to save their lives. They also tried to run towards the city, but most of them got stuck in the barbed wire and got burnt alive in the fire.

Fireman Save Koala's Life From Australian Bushfire
Koala | Image: Social Media

Water is also being rained by helicopters to extinguish the fire, but due to lack of rain, there are problems.

During this time, some emotional images are going viral on social media. In a picture, a woman hugs a panicked kangaroo. Firemen quenching his thirst after saving the koala.

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