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Avoid these 5 foods when you feel stressed, may increase the stress level


People usually know about trying to be happy and some other tips to cope with stress, but do not know that they also have to take care of the food. Often people try to calm the tension with some food and drink, as you may have heard many people drink it because of stress or tension. But this is not really the case, but there are some foods that slow down your metabolism. Come here, we are telling you about the foods that should not be eaten when you feel stressed.


1. Alcohol
Alcohol or alcohol stimulates the body’s natural stress response. Some research suggests that heavy drinkers naturally have higher levels of cortisol than non-drinkers. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which may be responsible for increasing levels of stress and affecting sleep patterns.

2. Chips

Eating Chips Can Increase Stress Level
Chips | Image: Getty Images

Some people have a bad habit of eating chips, but if you feel stressed, then you quit this habit immediately. This is because there is trans fat in the chips, eating potato chips may be a wrong idea for you. Trans-fat can cause many other health problems ranging from increasing your weight.

3. Caffeine
Although tea, coffee can help reduce your fatigue and caffeine is called a mood-booster. But sweet coffee can be harmful to you. Instead, you switch to herbal tea and protect yourself with coffee or tea.

4. Ice Cream

Eating Ice Cream Can Increase Stress Level When Feeling Stressed
Ice Cream | Image: Serious Eats

Some people get sugar craving on taking stress, due to which they run to sweet when they feel stressed. But the consumption of ice cream in sweets increases your glucose levels as well as cortisol levels. In addition, the lactose in ice cream can cause gastrointestinal problems for sensitive people.

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5. Chocolate
Chocolate is high in refined sugar, due to which it can increase the levels of stress hormones like cortisol. So when you feel stressed, keep a little distance from the chocolate. High cortisol levels cause you to feel highly energetic and this eventually causes sudden energy loss, as refined sugar is rapidly absorbed.

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