US President Donald Trump Speak on Baghdad Attack

Baghdad Attack: US Issued Warning For Its Citizens, Leave Iraq Immediately


Baghdad Attack: US Issued Warning For Its Citizens, Leave Iraq Immediately: The US killed Iran’s most powerful general, Qasim Sulemani, by airstrikes at Baghdad Airport. The US attacked him when the Sulaimani convoy was heading towards Baghdad Airport. Tensions have increased in relations between Iran and the United States. Iran has threatened the US to bear the consequences after the attack.


Meanwhile, the US has asked its citizens to leave Iraq immediately after Baghdad Attack. The US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq said, “As tensions in Iraq and its surrounding region escalate, the US Embassy requests US citizens to pay attention to their 2020 travel advice and leave Iraq immediately. Where possible, US citizens leave Iraq by plane. If this is not possible, then they can go to other countries via land.

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Hashad commander told fighters after the attack – be prepared

Following the US invasion, Iraq’s Hashd Al Shaabi organization asked its fighters to be vigilant on Friday. Qasim Sulemani, deputy head of the organization and top Iranian commander, was killed in the US attack. “Al-Khazali, the head of Asaab Ahl al-Haq, said in a written statement,” All the fighters must be prepared in view of the upcoming war and a great victory awaits us. “

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