BCCI reveals when the IPL may be played this year

BCCI reveals when the IPL may be played this year due to the postponement of T20 World Cup


The IPL has been postponed till April 15 due to Coronavirus, but even after that, the possibility of IPL seems unlikely. The BCCI is now looking at organizing the league in October-November, but this is possible only when the ICC T20 World Cup, to be held later this year, is postponed. A BCCI official told IANS that the board is considering conducting the IPL in October-November but this is possible only if the T20 World Cup is scheduled to be held at the moment. He said that there are restrictions on time limits.

IPL 2020 Will Start on April 15 Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
IPL 2020 Trophy | Image: IPL

Australia has locked itself out for six months. This can change the situation. Great Britain can also implement this. We still have to understand what the Indian government decides to keep the international borders closed. In this situation, October-November only seems to be a safe time, but at this time there will be a T20 World Cup.

The official said that if the ICC postpones the World Cup by looking at the current situation, then only we can think about it in October-November because if we assume that all countries have already closed the lockdown for six months, then it should end in October Will go, but for this, it is necessary to stop the coronavirus and things must come under human control.


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The official said postponing the World Cup would also be the last option for the ICC as the World Cup would have to be moved from 2020 to 2022 as there is no place in 2021. So, at the moment, all this is a long way away, but yes, October-November time has been talked about for IPL. In this regard, when talking to an ICC official, he told IANS that no talks have been held to postpone the T20 World Cup, it will be held in October-November this year.

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