BCCI set to suffer huge losses of amount Rs 4037 crores due to Coronavirus epidemic

BCCI set to suffer huge losses of amount Rs 4037 crores due to Coronavirus epidemic


BCCI: The outbreak of Coronavirus has already stopped all sports events in the world. For the first time in cricket, PSL i.e. Pakistan Cricket League was banned, even when the tournament was in its playoffs. In such a situation, the IPL was also canceled from March 29 and extended till April 15, where now the possibility of cancellation of this tournament is also seen. At the same time, the Hundred Series organized by the England and Wales Cricket Board has also been canceled.


BCCI to lose 4037 crores on IPL cancellation

When the board was deciding that from now on, only the national selectors will go into business class, then somewhere, the board also knew that if the IPL is canceled, then the board will have to bear a loss of thousands of crores. The board also announced before the start of IPL that this time the winning amount has been halved. According to such a report, the brand value of IPL is still 51000 crores.


Now it is also difficult to have IPL because the government has canceled all foreign visas till April 14. The biggest difficulty with this is the foreign players who were coming to India to play IPL.

Star India Channel, which broadcasts the match, has bought IPL from BCCI for five years for the telecast rights, which is about Rs 4037 crore every year. Overall, the BCCI and franchisees will lose more than Rs 5000 crore in the event of postponement of IPL. During this period, the franchisees will also lose their earnings from tickets and tickets. The BCCI and IPL franchisees pay 26 percent annual fees of players to their domestic boards. In such a situation, if there is no IPL, then this money can also go by hand. However, there is still a meeting between the BCCI and the Governing Council, after which necessary steps can be taken.

In such a situation, the ICC is fully watching this tournament and now they are looking into this matter.

Cricket Australia may lose Rs 1318 crore

Cricket Australia is in the grip of coronavirus and here the board may suffer a loss of Rs 1318 crore. At the same time, the India and Australia series due at the end of the year can also be canceled. Cricket Australia’s chief executive Kevin Roberts believes that it is difficult to say anything at the moment. These figures may increase further in the coming times. But we are talking to the advisor in this matter so that we can cope with such a situation.

This time more than world war will damage England

England has banned all cricketing events going on in their country. In such a situation, the board is trying to stop COVID-19 completely. An English journalist says that this time due to Corona, England will suffer the loss that she did not even during World War II. Here professional cricket i.e. test cricket has also been completely suspended.

Many England players were also going to participate in the IPL, but now the players will lose millions due to the cancellation of the tournament.

Pakistan cricket board also towards financial losses

The Pakistan Cricket Board was hopeful this year that it would be able to earn money from the PSL this time, but due to Corona’s strike, the tournament was canceled midway, so now the board is going to lose crores. At the same time, 6 franchises are also moving towards loss. Due to Corona, the board also had to cancel the ODI and Test matches series with Bangladesh. In such a situation, now the board is moving fast towards financial losses.

Let us know that the upcoming matches and tournaments will be very important for the cricket boards because the cricket boards of all countries have already suffered so much due to Coronavirus. In such a situation, if the tour of another country is canceled in the coming time or the corona outbreak increases, then there will be no other way left for the boards. Everyone has to play the T20 World Cup in the month of October. In such a situation, it is being said that the corona can also have an effect on this tournament.

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