Asim Riaz, Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Captaincy Task Canceled, ‘Bigg Boss’ Punished These Three Convicts


Bigg Boss 13: Captaincy Task Canceled, ‘Bigg Boss’ Punished These Three Convicts: In ‘Bigg Boss 13‘, the contestants once again canceled another task. This task was of Captaincy. In this task, all the households were contenders, but like every time, there was no mutual agreement of the contestants and the task was canceled. The special thing is that the three members who canceled the task were given such punishment by ‘Bigg Boss‘ which Shahnaz Kaur Gill was happy to hear. She even congratulated the three contestants.


All contestants had to hang each other’s pictures around their necks, whose picture will be in whose neck, the ‘Big Boss’ himself told it. According to the task, if any member does not want to see him as a captain whos picture was on his neck, this time he will get off the picture of this contestant from his neck and burn it in the fire. In such a situation, Siddharth burns the photo of Vishal, Madhurima Mahira’s, Rashmi Siddharth’s, and Vishal Aarti.

In the end, three members are left, in which there is a debate about who will go first. These members are Mahira, Paras and Asim Riaz. There is a picture of Paras in Mahira’s neck, a picture of Asim in Paras’s neck, and a picture of Rashmi Desai in Asim’s neck. Paras asks Asim to burn Rashmi’s picture, but Asim says that he wants to make Rashmi the captain of the house. At the same time, Mahira also refuses to burn the picture of Paras. In such a situation, Paras, Asim, and Mahira do not burn the picture hanging in their neck.

The ‘Bigg Boss’ does not like doing this to all three and declares to punish all of them. ‘Big Boss’ says-‘ You, as usual, tried to cancel the task and not to increase the task. Hence Bigg Boss punishes the three guilty members Mahira, Paras, and Asim. Until the new captain of the house is formed, you will have to do all the household chores. You three will not be helped by others anymore.’

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Shahnaz becomes very happy to hear this decision of ‘Bigg Boss’. She immediately says’ Congratulations to all three of you. You three were trying to cancel a lot the captaincy task, now it will be fun. Hearing this from Shahnaz, Paras becomes to stop. The special thing is that in the episode of January 8, Paras and Mahira were also seen fighting whereas Shahnaz convinced Siddharth.

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