Rashmi, Asim and Himanshi in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Does Himanshi Khurana Really Love Asim Riaz, Truth Will Be Reveal Today


Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz is immersed in Himanshi’s love in ‘Bigg Boss 13‘. Spend time with Himanshi and are seen talking only love rather than focusing on the game. It all started when Himanshi Khurana came to the house making Asim’s connection.


Asim came to Himanshi to express his love. Meanwhile, a new promo of ‘Bigg Boss’ has arrived. In this promo, Himanshi Khurana is talking heartily to Rashmi Desai about Asim. Himanshi also told Asim’s Izhar-e-Mohabbat as filmy.

Himanshi Khurana and Rashmi Desai
Himanshi Khurana and Rashmi Desai | Image: Twitter

In this promo, Himanshi is talking to Vikas Gupta and Rashmi Desai about Asim. Vikas says to Himanshi – ‘His focus is not on the game. Right now, he is immersed in love. The problem is that he does not trust anyone. He only trusts you in the whole house. If he does not see Clarity in anything, then he will be mad.

Vikas Gupta and Himanshi Khurana in Bigg Boss 13
Vikas Gupta and Himanshi Khurana | Image: Twitter

After Vikas, Himanshi is seen talking to Rashmi on the other side. Rashmi says to Himanshi- ‘You don’t do as much as he loves you. You guys live like girlfriends, not like friends. Are you just talking about yourself or what happened to you with Chao?’

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In response, Himanshi says- ‘I have come to know a lot of things in which I still have to understand better. On this Rashmi says- ‘Don’t say friendship right now because you really love her. Whatever girl will feel. He is a very good boy.’ To this, Himanshi said- ‘I felt filmy in the way Asim told me his feelings. When I was coming home, the outlook on things was very clear. A close friend of Asim told me not to express my love right now.

Bigg Boss 13 | Image: Twitter

Let me tell you, Himanshi was in a relationship with fiancé Chao for ten years. She broke up after being homeless from ‘Bigg Boss’. In the show again, she entered as a connection to Asim. In the January 30 episode, it was shown that Vikas and Himanshi joked about the dinner date. Asim took this joke seriously and was irritated. After which Himanshi was also angry with him.

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