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Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana Replied To Santosh Singh Sukh, Father of Shehnaz Kaur Gill


Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana replied to Santosh Singh Sukh, father of Shehnaz Kaur Gill. Himanshi Khurana has broken the silence on allegations of Santokh Singh Sukh, father of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shahnaz Gil Kaur. Shehnaz’s father had said in an interview that Himanshi has harassed my daughter so much that she could have committed suicide. Himanshi has tweeted and submitted her stand.

Bigg Boss 13 Ex Contestant Himanshi Khurana
Bigg Boss 13 Ex Contestant Himanshi Khurana | Image: Social Media

Himanshi Khurana tweeted, ‘Sorry, if your daughter tried suicide because of me, but you should also explain to your daughter that you create Controversy yourself and get yourself disturbed. While your daughter had spoken in a Canadian interview that I am getting work because of Controversy. You have to give an interview on thoughtfully.

Actually, the Spotboy website spoke to Santokh Singh Sukh. In this interview, Himanshi Khurana, who was asked by Santokh, has said that his relationship has deteriorated due to Shahnaz. On this, Shahnaz’s father had said- ‘The two had never met before going to the Big Boss. Never even talked on the phone. Whatever happened between these two happened on social media only when both went live.

Shehnaz, Santosh Singh Sukh and Himanshi Khurana | Image: Twitter

Shahnaz’s father said- ‘Himanshi has tortured my daughter. She even tried to commit suicide. After that controversy, Shahnaz does not post any of her photographs on social media. When this dispute took place, Himanshi had been in the industry for 15 years and Shahnaz started her career just one and a half years ago.

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She tried to make Shahnaz not find any work. There was a time when people used to call my daughter for work. After that people sent her back from the set, saying that you go we have taken someone else.

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