Siddharth and Aarti in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 Latest News: Aarti Singh Reaction On The Question Of Wedding To Siddharth Shukla


Bigg Boss 13: A promo video for ‘Bigg Boss 13‘ has surfaced. Aarti Singh is present in the witness box in this video. This video shows that celebrities are being questioned. At this time, the other contestants were surprised to hear that the famous anchor Rajat Sharma asking questions to Aarti Singh about her wedding with Siddhartha Shukla. This promo video by Aarti Singh is going viral on social media.


This video has been shared on Big Boss’s Twitter account. Achor Rajat Sharma in this video is telling Aarti that in any case, you get involved with others. When answering, Aarti said: “Yes, but sometimes the situation is such that it happens”. Afterward, the Rajat says – ‘You say you are playing alone at home, but if you look at the journey, are you dependent on Siddharth Shukla? But have you been found to be most helpful to Siddharth?’

Siddharth Shukla and Aarti Singh in Bigg Boss 13
Siddharth Shukla and Aarti Singh | Image: Social Media

Aarti says that I like his words. Aarti was then questioned about Siddharth and their relationship. Rajat Sharma said that ‘you are ashamed to hear Siddhartha’s name.’ In reply, Aarti said: ‘It’s good to see him. Any girl sir will get blush. If I ever write it down in my life, I can be alone with it and I’m going to face it too. After Aarti’s reply, all the family members were seen clapping.

Aarti Singh
Aarti Singh | Image: Twitter

I tell you, before that Aarti’s wedding was asked by her sister-in-law Kashmira Shah. A few days ago Kashmira Shah came home as a connection of Aarti Singh. In an episode, Aarti Singh and Kashmira Shah were talking. Then Kashmira said to Aarti, Do you like Siddharth? In reply, Aarti said – ‘No’. About this, Kashmira says: ‘He is a very good boy’. Aarti says, ‘Yes, the boy is good. As a person he is good but my mood does not match.

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Kashmira Shah and Aarti Singh
Kashmira Shah and Aarti Singh | Image: Social Media

Aarti refused to listen to Kashmir. Then Kashmira explains about it, saying, “Match is after the match.” Aarti says – ‘I don’t want to.’ In reply, Kashmira said: ‘We are big in the house. I’ll talk to him about this. ‘Let us tell you, there were reports of Aarti Singh and Siddharth Shukla’s relationship before appearing in’ Bigg Boss’. It is said that Siddharth and Aarti have been dating each other for quite some time.

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