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Bigg Boss 13: Mother Rasila Desai Reaction on Break Up of Rashmi Desai With Arhaan Khan


Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi Desai and Arhaan have a breakup. Rashmi announced this in front of the reporters at the house. After Rashmi’s decision, now the statement of her mother Rasila Desai has come. Rashmi’s mother supported her decision. With this, she said such a thing, knowing which you will not believe at all.

Rasila Desai and Rashmi Desai
Rasila Desai and Rashmi Desai | Image: Twitter

Speaking to the Pinkvilla website, Rasila Desai said these things. She said- ‘The conditions that my daughter is going through there are making me weak every day. It is often felt that I break all the rules and go to the Bigg Boss to support my daughter. She is alone and feeling lonely. I can’t believe how she is hiding all these things in her heart alone.’


Rashmi’s mother further said- ‘My health is deteriorating thinking this. I am not bothered that her personal life came on the channel. I know that every story has two aspects. My daughter’s heart is broken but I am happy that she comes to know about Arhaan’s reality. I want her to progress in her life like this.

Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan in Bigg Boss 13
Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan | Image: Voot

Prior to this statement of Rashmi’s mother, there were reports that the actress has sent a notice to Arhaan’s family to vacate the house. Arhaan Khan has broken the silence on this matter. Arhaan called these reports false. He said- ‘This is not true at all. Who is spreading such news?’

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Bigg Boss 13 Ex Contestant Arhaan Khan
Arhaan Khan | Image: Social Media

Earlier, a report claimed that Rashmi Desai had sent a message through the show’s team outside the house. This message is for Rashmi’s family and her team. Rashmi has curbed Arhaan for interfering in anything related to him. Even Rashmi’s team has changed the password of her social media account. The key to Rashmi’s house is near the production house. That is, now neither Arhaan nor his family will be able to go to her house.

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