Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi Desai Has Breakup With Arhaan Khan, Know What She Said


Bigg Boss 13: This week of reality show Bigg Boss 13, Weekend Ka Vaar was very special. This time Salman Khan came as a connection to Asim Riaz and started the class of Himanshi Khurana. Salman Khan has put Himanshi’s class on talking outside Bigg Boss house. Actually, in the past, Himanshi Khurana talked to Vishal Aditya Singh and Asim Riaz about Arhaan and Rashmi’s relationship. Due to which Salman Khan revealed this fact of Himanshi in front of all the contestants.

Arhaan and Rashmi in Bigg Boss 13
Arhaan and Rashmi | Image: Twitter

After this revelation, Rashmi Desai got angry at Himanshi Khurana and spoke something about Arhaan Khan, which can be said that she has decided to do a breakup by Arhaan Khan. At the same time, according to the news of the English website Spotboy, Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan’s relationship has ended.

Himanshi Khurana
Himanshi Khurana | Image: Twitter

In Weekend Ka Vaar, Rashmi rages on Himanshi Khurana, what does he (Arhaan) need to go and cry for sadness while I am on the show. After this Devoleena also speaks about Arhaan. On the show itself, Rashmi tells Himanshi that Himanshi should go out and tell him that now I don’t have to get into these things.


On the other hand, according to Spotboy, her close friends say that Rashmi has made up her mind to end her relationship with Arhaan and does not want to have any relationship with him. At the same time, Rashmi has given a message to Himanshi and Devoleena to send a message to her family and team that she no longer wants to be with Arhaan Khan. It is worth mentioning that Salman Khan while applying Himanshi Khurana’s class said that, ‘Bigg Boss had clearly said that do not do anything outside in the house but you did not stop. Even if you were talking about the house, you did not tell them about it.

After this, Salman showed the family a video. In this video, Himanshi is telling about the message of Arhaan with Asim and Vishal. In this video, Himanshi is seen saying to both of them – ‘Arhaan has sent a message that he is very disturbed with Rashmi. Speaking to Asim that he has played with my friendship. Asim was the one who reminded Rashmi that when Siddharth tore his shirt, you forgot him. Arhaan cried a lot in front of me. He told me that I was not wrong in many things. Rashmi could clear these things in the show. If I have been insulted on national television, then the whole thing should have been clear here. If Rashmi was to befriend Siddharth after I left, what did I mean by fighting her?’

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Rashmi Desai and Devoleena flare at Himanshi after watching this video. Rashmi says, ‘Suppose he is your brother but he has stood with you.’ In response, Himanshi says, “I was a concert for both of you”. Salman says, “Yes, you know how much Concern was.” After this, Devoleena says, ‘Now Himanshi said that if my partner had been there, I would not have let him down so much. Devoleena says to Salman that Rashmi hid from you that she knew the matter of marriage but not the child. The truth is that she did not even know about the wedding.

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