Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut Shouted on the Stage of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’


Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut Shouted on the Stage of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’: Weekend Ka Vaar is very special in ‘Bigg Boss‘. Today on Sunday, Kangana Ranaut will come and promote her upcoming film ‘Panga‘. Kangana, who was in the discussion about her impeccable statement, was seen screaming in front of Salman Khan as soon as she reached the stage.


Kangana will not really get involved with Salman, but she will take ‘Panga‘ of Entertainment. Kangana will also be seen doing some fun tasks in a promo video that surfaced. Kangana says that ‘people who are inside the house always shout and talk’. After this, Salman shouts and says, “Do me a favor that you don’t do me a favor.” Kangana is scared to see Salman screaming like this.

Kangana also shouts and says, ‘My sense of humor is very good, you will gradually come to know.’ Further, Salman says that once I have committed, I do not even listen to myself. Now I mimic myself. ‘ After this, both of them start laughing.

During the episode aired on Saturday, Salman Khan made revelations about his personal life. From girlfriends to the decision to remain single, Salman revealed many secrets. In the show, he faced the truth and told many things one by one. Ajay Devgan and Kajol arrive at Weekend Ka Vaar. Kajol said that ‘I have brought a little twist in this episode because this time I am going to do the task from both of you’. After this, a lie detector chair was brought on which Salman and Ajay Devgan were to sit.

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Listening to Kajol, Salman says that “we will not have any problem because we do not speak anything other than the truth.” Kajol says that ‘Both are so expert liars, so I thought this chair is perfectly right for both of you’. Seeing all this, Ajay Devgan says that ‘There was no need for it because there are no large lie detectors on earth like a wife’. Further, Salman says that ‘I am single for this reason’. Ajay Devgan tells them that ‘be very lucky’.

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