Shehnaz Gill in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Seeing Siddharth-Shefali Locked in Bathroom, Shehnaz Gill Became Possessive


Shehnaz Gill Became Possessive in Bigg Boss 13: In ‘Bigg Boss 13‘ these days, Shahnaz is immersed in Siddharth Shukla’s love. Shehnaz Gill has also expressed his love for Siddharth but Siddharth is not taking her words so seriously. Meanwhile, a promo of ‘Bigg Boss‘ has arrived. In this promo, Siddharth Shukla locks himself in the bathroom with Shefali Jariwala. Shehnaaz becomes possessive after seeing these two locked in the bathroom.


This promo video has been shared on the official Twitter account of ‘Bigg Boss‘. The promo features Shahnaz Kaur Gill, Shefali Jariwala and Siddharth Shukla in the Garden area together. Shehnaz says to Shefali – ‘Tell me one thing, I love it.’ Shefali says- ‘I think too.’ Shehnaz said- ‘Why do you think so?’ In response, Shefali said- ‘Just think.’

After this, Shahnaz says- ‘What do you think I love this too?’ On this, Shefali says- “You ask him.” Shehnaz says, “Why are you unable to hear, even you are not in love with it?” In response, Siddharth and Shefali say- ‘For many years. Now it is better not to meet in the bathroom area at night. Shehnaz is irritated after hearing these two things.

The video further shows that Siddharth Shukla and Shefali Jariwala lock themselves in the bathroom. Shahnaz also follows them and tries to listen with the ears of their talk near the door. Shehnaz says- ‘Come out soon.’ In response, Shefali says- ‘It has not happened yet.’ Shehnaz says – ‘Get out soon, Siddharth is getting more of you now. I know that you have kissed.

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Let me tell you, it was shown in the episode aired on Monday that Shahnaz spoke to Siddharth to be in the live-in. Shahnaz had told Siddharth – ‘I love you. Hug me. I love you.’ After that Siddhartha says, ‘OK.’ In response, Shahnaz says, “Okay what happens, I love you.” After Shehnaz’s constant speaking, Siddharth says, ‘I love you’. Shehnaz says that ‘Now the show has been left for a month. If we have to live again, we will have to live in a live-in relationship.

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