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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Kaur Gill Hurt by Paras Chhabra in Captaincy Task


Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Kaur Gill Hurt by Paras Chhabra in Captaincy Task: After the nomination task in ‘Bigg Boss 13‘, now it was the turn of the captaincy task. Two promo videos of Captaincy Task have appeared. Shahnaz is seen getting angry at Chhabra in the video. The reason for Shahnaz’s displeasure is the statement of Paras in which he wants to make Mahira a contender for captaincy. Seeing this video, it is so clear that this time the house environment is going to change due to the claim of the Captaincy.


The first promo showed that the task of captaincy would be a game of mouse cat this time. Some household members will become rats and some cats. According to the video, a captaincy contender would have to be grabbed a bell to get a stake in this mouse cat game. Although this promo does not show the complete task.

In the second video, it is shown that Shehnaz is getting angry with Paras Chhabra during this task. Along with this, she is saying that I also want to be a claimant. Siddharth supports Shahnaz. He says ‘You become a cat and do what you want to do, by no worrying.’

The video shows Shehnaz sitting with Madhurima Tuli, Vishal, and Shefali. Shehnaz says- ‘One thing is hurting me a lot. I asked him who would become Captain this time, he said, Mahira. ‘ Shehnaz starts crying as she says this. In response, Vishal says- ‘This is happening for the third time with you because Mahira comes at number one for her.’

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After this Vishal goes to Paras and says that once he goes to her and expresses that he too is special to you. Asim says as soon as Vishal says that ‘love is with you, isn’t it’. In response, Paras says- ‘I do this with Mahira.’ It is shown in the video that Paras is standing behind and Shehnaaz shouts – ‘I feel sorry. You go away from my eyes, now the decision will be made.’

Let me tell you, Shehnaz has said on the show that she loves Paras. At the same time, both of them have not told the family about what Paras and Mahira feel for each other. In such a situation, how will Shahnaz react as soon as the reality of Paras and Mahira’s relationship comes to the fore?

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