Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana in Bigg Boss 13 House

Bigg Boss 13: Umar Riaz Gives Reaction on Asim Riaz’s Proposal To Himanshi Khurana


Bigg Boss 13: Some new members have been entered in ‘Bigg Boss 13‘ house. These members have reached out to support family members. Bigg Boss Ex contestant Himanshi Khurana reached to support Asim Riaz. On seeing Himanshi, Asim leaps with joy. Both hug each other for a long time.

Asim Riaz, Himanshi Khurana, and Umar Riaz | Image: Twitter

After this, Asim and Himanshi went to the garden area. Here, Asim, in front of all the other contestants, proposes Himanshi for a wedding. Asim asks if she loves him, Himanshi says that yes she loves him. Although the audience is enjoying the romance of both at home, Asim’s brother Umar Riaz did not like it.

In an interview with the website Spotboy, Umar said that ‘When Himanshi met me, I told her that Asim was playing perfectly. His friendship with Rashmi, Vishal, and Shehnaaz is looking good. I also told her that we want you to be with him like you were before. Despite having feelings for each other, they never showed it that way. Nor did they cross their boundaries.

My family wants him to maintain the same line because there are people inside who are doing such a thing to appear on the screen. It does not look good on the screen. Our family watches Bigg Boss. Both should control their emotions.

Asim Riaz and Umar Riaz
Asim Riaz and Umar Riaz | Image: Voot

Umar further said that ‘I knew that he would get excited about seeing Himanshi but I never expected that he would sit on his knees to propose her for marriage. I think he is too young for marriage but he does not realize this. He may have done so with enthusiasm, but this is the beginning of his career. He will feel it after coming out of the show.’

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Umar further says that ‘I don’t think he wants to get married at this time. He should focus on his career more than settling in his house right now. It does not matter to whom he will marry, but it is not decided yet. Being a grown-up, I am still trying to explore my life. I am sure he will realize it too.’

Umar said, ‘I think once he comes out of Bigg Boss 13, he will get many work opportunities. He himself will realize it. There is a big point in his career right now. He is locked inside so his brain is not working on it.’

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