Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: What Did Siddharth Shukla Say on Virginity, Shehnaz-Asim Joked on Hearing The Answer


Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Shukla says on virginity and Shehnaz-Asim joked on hearing his answer. In ‘Bigg Boss 13‘, the bonding of Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill is very much liked by the audience. Both of them keep on celebrating their anger. Especially after seeing the funny style of Shehnaz, everyone laughed. Now an unseen video of Shehnaz has surfaced in which she is making fun of Siddharth’s virginity.



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Watch this unseen…Asim asks shennaz “Sana thu usko Kyun puch thi nahi ki usko kaisi ladki chahiye??” Usko means Siddarth ko. Then Sana and Asim talks funny about Shukla on the topic Aisi kaisi…Aisi kaisi. Too much fun.

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In the video, Asim Riaz is lying on his bed. Siddharth, Shefali Jariwala and Shehnaz are sitting on the other side of the bed. Asim tells Shehnaz that ‘You did not ask Siddharth what kind of girl he wants?’ Shehnaz says, ‘You ask him that to whom he has nominated, he will not tell you and you are asking about the girl.’

Shefali and Siddharth in Bogg Boss 13
Shefali and Siddharth | Image: Voot

Shehnaz says that he also says that I am a virgin. Even after doing everything, I will say that I am a virgin, so what does one expect from such a boy, what will tell you. He said on his face that day when we were playing the Truth and Dare game that I had never done anything. See if we are a virgin then what are we? On hearing these words of Shehnaz, Asim starts laughing loudly. Let us know that after winning a task, the members of the house were shown playing the Truth and Dare game.

Siddharth, Shehnaz and Shefali
Siddharth, Shehnaz and Shefali | Image: Voot

Shehnaz further says about Siddharth that ‘this man does not share anything with me even after being with me. It doesn’t even make me talk a little about other people. What do you think he will tell what kind of girl he wants. ‘ Listening to Shehnaz, Shefali says that ‘I know what kind of girl Siddharth wants, but I cannot tell this, only Siddhartha will tell’.

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Shehnaz says, ‘I tell you what kind of girl he wants. He needs a decent girl who does not talk like nonsense. Whatever he likes. You talk logically. The words of Shahnaz and Asim are going on when Vishal sitting away says something. To which Siddharth says that ‘he too has the right to speak. After this, Shehnaz and Asim start teasing Siddhartha and say ‘he needs such a girl, such a girl like Rashmi Desai‘.

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