Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said on the issue of returning students from Rajasthan's Kota - center should amend the rules of lockdown

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said on the issue of returning students from Rajasthan’s Kota – center should amend the rules of lockdown


New Delhi: Amid the lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today discussed with the CM of the states through video conferencing. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also attended this meeting. Nitish Kumar said to PM Modi that whatever decision the Center will take to increase the lockdown, Bihar is with him. But on the issue of recalling students studying in other states including Kota, he said that the States cannot do anything until the rules are amended by the Centre.


Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that apart from video conferencing, there are separate talks with the Prime Minister. He said that the Prime Minister and the Central Government receive information from various countries, suggestions from experts and information from other parts of the state, through which we also get information.

The Chief Minister said that students of Bihar also study in large numbers in coaching institutes in Kota of Rajasthan. Some states have called their students back from there. Through social media, many things are coming out regarding the students of Kota. He said that as per the guidelines of the Central Government, we are following the lockdown. It is not possible to call anyone back until the rules are amended. The central government should issue the necessary guidelines for this.

Nitish Kumar said that Bihar students study not only in Kota but also in other parts of the country. He said that people of Bihar who are stranded outside in various parts of the country told their problems through the phone to the Disaster Management Department, Local Commissioner’s Office, Bihar Bhawan New Delhi, and Chief Minister’s Office. So far, more than 1 lakh such phone calls and messages have been received. By taking feedback from such people, work is being done to solve their problems. We had decided to give 1000 rupees under the Chief Minister’s Special Assistance for the trapped laborers of Bihar and needy people outside the state. So far, 25 lakh applications have been received in this regard, out of which an amount of Rs 1000 has been transferred to the account of 15 lakh people.

The Chief Minister said that the country is working unitedly to prevent corona infection. Work is being done as per the guidelines of the Central Government, as well as we are also doing additional work in the state from our level to prevent corona infection. He said that the central government has to decide how long the lockdown will continue. Experts can be consulted in this matter. We will comply with the decision of the Central Government regarding the lockdown.

Nitish Kumar said that we are increasing our health services to treat corona as well as other diseases. For this, Bihar needs an additional number of ventilators and testing kits. The number of quarantine centers has been increased in the state, in which a large number of people are staying and they are being provided with food, housing, and medical examination facilities. Masks are being manufactured in the state through the self-help group Jeevika.

The CM of Bihar said that it is our effort to have maximum testing to prevent corona infection. He said that some people are still coming from outside the state in which many have been found infected and other people are also getting infected through them. He said that my humble request is that all those who are being sent from outside should get a health check done first.

The Chief Minister said that as per the guidelines of the Center, permission has been given to conduct some economic activities, accordingly some work has been started in the state. Agricultural works are being done in rural areas. Works are also being done through MNREGA. Flood prevention works are being done through the Water Resources Department. Necessary economic activities are being conducted for the livelihood of the working class people and the needy. All necessary steps are being taken to prevent corona infection, as well as necessary measures, are being taken to prevent the outbreak of AES and JE, and precautions are already being taken for that.

Nitish Kumar said that due to climate change, many kinds of changes are coming in the weather. Yesterday, 12 people died in the state due to their fall. Due to the lockdown, people were in the houses, due to which the damage is probably reduced. The lockdown has helped prevent not only corona infection but also other diseases. We are always ready to provide relief to the people. We always appeal to the people to follow the instructions of the government. Do not be afraid of Corona, be aware, be alert, then only we will all be safe.

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