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Bill Gates Will Pay 35 Lakh Rupees To Create Payment System for Feature Phone


Bill Gates Will Pay 35 Lakh Rupees To Create Payment System for Feature Phone: You must have known Bill Gates, yes, we are talking about Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates. Bill Gates is ready to give you 35 lakh rupees, but you will not get this money for free, instead, you will have to do a work of Bill Gates. Let’s know about it in detail.


Although India is the world’s largest market for smartphones in India, crores of people are still using feature phones. According to a report, about 500 million people in India are using feature phones. Smartphone users are increasingly making digital payments through their phones, but this is not a feature of the payment system for feature phone users.

Detel Feature Phone
Demo Feature Phone | Image: Amarujala

In such a situation, you have to prepare a payment system for the feature phone. According to the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), by dialing * 99 # through a feature phone, there are very few transactions, which is less than 5 lakh, because it is not easy to make digital payments from a feature phone.


As such, NPCI has partnered with CIIE.CO, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates Foundation. For this, a competition has been organized called ‘Grand Challenge Payments Using Feature Phones’. The competition is to create a digital payment system for feature phones. The creator of this system will get a reward of up to Rs 35 lakh.

Prize Money
Prize | Image:

The last date to apply for this competition is 12 January 2020. The winner will be announced on 14 March 2020. The contestants selected in this competition will have access to NPCI APIs from 11 February 2020. Apart from this, NPCI experts will also help the participant.

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The first prize in this competition is 50 thousand dollars i.e. about 35,84,275 rupees, the second is 21,50,565 rupees and the third is 14,33,710 rupees. Explain that tax will also be deducted from this amount. In this competition, the winner will be selected based on four other parameters including NPCI Payment Security. You can go to this URL to apply.

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