Boeing Orbital Flight Test

Boeing Orbital Flight Test: Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft Lost Its Way, Recalled


Boeing Orbital Flight Test: Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft Lost Its Way, Recalled: US aircraft maker Boeing has to stop testing its spacecraft. An unmanned capsule was attached to it with a rocket. A capsule is the part of a spacecraft apart from a rocket where astronauts can sit. Boeing intended to send humans to space in this capsule after successful testing.


The capsule, named ‘The Starliner‘, was successfully launched with an Atlas rocket from Florida, USA, but due to some technical glitches, the capsule deviated from the designated path of the International Space Station.

It is believed that the engine of ‘The Starliner‘ capsule was consuming too much fuel. Due to this, there could be a lack of fuel to complete the mission.

Now Starliner will have to come back to Earth. It is expected that Starliner can land in New Mexico in the next 48 hours. Parachutes and airbags will be used for its soft landing.

How did the mess happen?

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told a press conference that there were problems with Starliner over time. He told that Starliner is an automatic capsule. Due to the disturbances in terms of time, he deviated from his mission and tried to run the wrong engine.

Later, the flight control staff detected the problem but were not able to stop it immediately as the capsule was passing between two satellite links.

Bridenstine remained upbeat during the press conference and drew attention to positive aspects from the day’s events. He said, “A lot of things went right. That is why we were doing this test.”

He also said that if there were astronauts inside the Starliner capsule, he would have probably rectified the mess and managed to turn it again towards the space station.

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NASA astronaut Mike Fink has also agreed. Mike has been selected to go into space riding in a Starliner capsule in the future. He said, “If we were in that capsule, we might have given the flight control team some more options to deal with the situation.”

Since the shutdown of services in 2011, American astronauts are unable to use their land for launch. Another capsule named Starliner and Dragon of Space X Company has been designed so that America can once again send astronauts from their earth into space.

However, its business model is different from the old model. Under this new model, instead of purchasing and handling the entire capsule, NASA will buy only seats in it.

At the same time, companies like Boeing and Space X will be free to sell the space in their capsules. They can also sell this space to other space agencies.

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