Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor wanted to revisit his ancestral mansion in Pakistan before he died

Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor wanted to revisit his ancestral mansion in Pakistan before he died


New Delhi: The Kapoor family has its roots in Peshawar city of Pakistan. In the Kissa Khwani Bazaar of the city, the Kapoor family’s mansion where the famous artist Prithviraj Kapoor was born. Prithviraj Kapoor’s son Raj Kapoor was also born in this mansion in Peshawar. It is said that this mansion was built even before independence and is still present in Peshawar. In the year 2018, it was converted into a museum.


Between 1918 and 1922, before the partition of India and Pakistan, ‘Kapoor Haveli’ was built by Prithviraj Kapoor’s father Bisheshwanath. Bisheshwanath was a sub-inspector by profession. Talking about Kapoor family, at that time Prithviraj Kapoor was the only person in this family who made his name in the field of acting or art.

After Prithviraj Kapoor, his three sons – Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, and Raj Kapoor – came forward in the world of art, as well as their upcoming generations were seen illuminating their names in acting.

Rishi Kapoor Ancestral Mansion
Rishi Kapoor Ancestral Mansion | Image: ABP Live

Talking about the maintenance of the mansion present in the Kissa Khwani area of ​​Peshawar, initially, this mansion was 5th floor, due to the earthquake, there were cracks in this mansion. Because of which its 2 floors had to be removed. However, this mansion remains chic even today. When Rishi Kapoor went to Peshawar in the year 1990, he brought the soil of this mansion from there.

In the year 2016, Rishi Kapoor shared a picture with his Twitter handle, in this picture his brother Randhir Kapoor is seen and this picture clicked in front of the same mansion.

In a statement some time ago, actor Rishi Kapoor said: “I am 65 years old and I would like to see this mansion once before I die and I will also go along with our children to look after this mansion.”

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