CAB Effect on Shinzo Abe's India Tour

CAB Effect: Shinzo Abe has Postponed India Tour


CAB Effect: Shinzo Abe has Postponed India Tour: Three foreign ministers, including one Prime Ministers, postponed India tour in the last two days. The history of diplomacy says that such events have been absolutely unprecedented in the recent past.


According to the source, due to the citizenship law, the India tour of the two ministers of Bangladesh has postponed yesterday and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe has postponed India tour today. Although not reported at any press conference yesterday afternoon, it was reported late in the night that Abe’s much-publicized visit to Guwahati was about to canceled. With the passage of the citizenship amendment bill in parliament, Normal life in Guwahati is disrupted.

There was no question of inviting VVIP guests from abroad. For the past few days, the issue has been going on. On the official statement of the Foreign Ministry this afternoon, a brief statement from the Foreign Ministry said, “The two countries have jointly decided that India tour of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has postponed until a convenient time.”

According to diplomatic sources, the theme of the Japanese prime minister’s visit was the northeast of India. Accordingly, it was decided that he would have a meeting with Narendra Modi in Guwahati. From there, Abe will be taken to Imphal and visit the Peace Museum in memory of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Modi will show the work of the 12 projects funded by Japan.

But due to the turbulent conditions of Guwahati, the entire plan of the Modi government was foiled. Attempts were made to move the meeting place from Guwahati to Bhubaneshwar or at least to Delhi at the last minute. But sources said there were two problems.

First, it is virtually impossible to move to another city at such a last-minute level. Infrastructure, security, visiting the entire area of ​​the visiting representative of the visiting state – all together takes considerable time to prepare.

Second, Japan has also objected to the question of organizing the place elsewhere. Because, like New Delhi, they had also a pre-arranged arrangement to visit India based on India’s northeast at the center. It was also Japan’s strategy to counter China’s hyperactivity in this area. All in all, the tour is now postponed.

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