Coronavirus Treatment

Can coronavirus patients be treated with the blood of a patient recovering from this disease?


Coronavirus Treatment: Is the treatment of seriously ill people due to coronavirus possible with the blood of the patient who gets cured? This question becomes important in the midst of a global epidemic because treatment for Covid-19 has not yet been identified. The number of infected patients worldwide is increasing momentarily. Meanwhile, a new experiment in America is being seen at an early stage.


Did the Covid-19 vaccine come out?

In the US, certified companies have allowed physicians to treat patients recovered from coronavirus with blood to treat coronavirus patients with their plasma. The famous American company Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a notification last month. In which, for the treatment of coronavirus sufferers, it was said that treatment with ‘Covid-19 Convalescent Plasma‘ would be allowed. But it is stated that by taking permission before treating any patient is considered necessary.


What is ‘Covid-19 Convalescent Plasma’?

Convalescent Plasma Therapy for Coronavirus Patients
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Medical experts say that when the virus first invades the human body, then the body’s immunity becomes active and to counter it, an antibody is formed which is called immunoglobulin or IGM. The antibody is a protein made in the blood that kills viruses. Immuno globulin disintegrates after being in the body for a few weeks. The second time when the virus strikes the body again, the antibody starts working more quickly.

In view of this action-reaction, plasma is extracted from the blood of patients recovering from Covid-19. And then this is injected into the Covid-19 patient’s blood. This is done when the Covid-19 patient has fallen seriously ill or has pneumonia. It has been feared that the internal organs of such patients have failed. So this antibody goes to his body and kills the virus in the same way as he did in the body of a healthy patient.

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