BCCI President Sourav Ganguly Told About IPL 2020

Can IPL be done despite Coronavirus Outbreak? BCCI President Sourav Ganguly told this plan


Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the event of the IPL in India has been postponed till 15 April. The BCCI held a meeting with the owners of the IPL franchises, where it was decided that they would follow the ‘watch and wait’ policy by the end of this month.


The IPL, which started on March 29, was postponed to April 15 due to the outbreak of Coronavirus across the country. The future of IPL will be decided at the end of the month. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said that if the IPL postponed till April 15 due to a Coronavirus outbreak, it would be small provided the situation improves.

Ganguly said, ’15 days must have passed anyway. The IPL has to be shortened. I cannot say how small it will be. ”A day after the decision to cancel the three-match ODI series between India and South Africa and postpone the IPL, Ganguly reiterated that safety was his priority.

Ganguly said, “We will keep an eye on the situation even further. Safety is paramount. We have also postponed the domestic matches keeping in view the current situation and the instructions of the government.

Six to seven options, including shortening of IPL, were discussed in a meeting between franchise owners and BCCI top officials. Ganguly said, “We met the franchise owners and told them how it could happen and what is the situation at the moment.” It is currently postponed. We will review the situation.’

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Ganguly said, ‘We will review the situation every week. We will have to work on it. We want to host IPL but cannot ignore security.’

So far, 107 cases of coronavirus have been reported in India and two deaths have taken place. More than 5000 people have died across the world, while around 150,000 people are infected. When asked about the alternative plan, he said, ‘Can’t say anything right now. Allow one week. Let’s see what happens.

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