Immunity Booster Juice Made With Red Carrots and Beetroot Juice

Immunity booster: Red Kanji juice made from red carrots and beetroot help to boost immunity, know recipes to make and benefits

Immunity booster: Due to coronavirus these days everyone is being asked to increase their immunity. This is because if your immunity is strong, then no virus can cause significant harm even by attacking your body. At the same time immunity cannot be increased by eating anything or following any rules. This is such a thing, […]

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Coronavirus Treatment

Can coronavirus patients be treated with the blood of a patient recovering from this disease?

Coronavirus Treatment: Is the treatment of seriously ill people due to coronavirus possible with the blood of the patient who gets cured? This question becomes important in the midst of a global epidemic because treatment for Covid-19 has not yet been identified. The number of infected patients worldwide is increasing momentarily. Meanwhile, a new experiment […]

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