Coronavirus Outbreak

Homeopathy Effective in Prevention of Coronavirus Infection, Ministry of AYUSH Releases Health Consultation

Coronavirus Outbreak: The Ministry of AYUSH has issued a health advisory on the rapidly spreading coronavirus in China and recommended that homeopathic and Unani medicines may be effective in the prevention of coronavirus infection. The ministry said in a statement that the consultation has been issued after a meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of […]

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UK Scientists Discovered T-Cells in Immune System

Scientists Discovered T-Cells That Can Kill Cancer Cells Without Touching Healthy Cells – Research Reveals

T-Cells: Scientists have discovered cells in the immune system that can kill cells of many types of cancer. In fact, Cardiff University researchers have discovered a new type of killer T-cell, which can cure one-size-fits-all cancer. However, this research has been successful only on mice and more research will have to be done on humans […]

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Researchers formulated new strategy to combat Antibiotic Resistance

Researchers Found The Latest Strategies To Combat Antibiotic Resistance in America

Strategy To Combat Antibiotic Resistance: Researchers formulated new strategies to combat Antibiotic resistance in America. Antibiotics eliminate the bacteria present in the body and make them vulnerable, but certain types of bacteria develop resistance to the antibiotic over time. Scientists have found a new way to deal with it in which bacteria cannot help each […]

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