VAR Rules in Football

Changes Made in the Football Rules, “VAR” is Only for Obvious Mistakes


Changes Made in the Football Rules, “VAR” is Only for Obvious Mistakes: According to a top official of the football framing body, the video assistant referee (s) should be used to change only those decisions on the field in which the mistake is clear and direct. This season has been highly controversial since being implemented in the English Premier League. The biggest concern has been raised about the ‘offside’ decisions.


Last weekend, Norwich, Brighton, Sheffield Unite, Wolves, Brighton and Crystal Palace were all disqualified due to decisions made by minor mistakes of goal ‘var‘. After this, it was feared that the available technology is accurate to pass judgment on small mistakes.

Players and managers have also raised questions on whether the system should be used to reverse field decisions that seem right with an open eye. The idea has also been endorsed by the apex body that rules the game, Lucas Braud, the Secretary-General of the International Football Association Board (IFAB).


Braud did not mention any specific incident of English football but stated that the IFAB guidelines clearly stated that the blows should only be used for obvious errors and the same applies to the offside.

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‘Time should not be wasted for small mistakes. If you take several minutes to find out whether it is off-side or not, it is not clear and direct and the original verdict must remain. ” – Lucas Braud, Secretary-General IFAB.

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