WiFi Dabba Internet Provider

Cheap Internet Provider: Wifi Dabba Offers 1GB Data Just At Rs 1


WiFi Dabba: Reliance Jio is known for cheap data, but now another Internet Provider company has brought its new cheap internet plan to the market. A Bangalore-based company is now offering 1 GB of data for just Rs. 1. The name of this company, which gives a tough competition to Jio, is Wifi Dabba, which has been serving since 2017. Let us know in detail about this plan.


Earlier, 1 GB of data was available for 20 rupees

WiFi Dabba Internet Service
WiFi Dabba

According to Business Insider’s report, now one GB of data is available on Wifi Dabba for one rupee, but let us tell you that in 2017, the company was giving one GB of data for 20 rupees. The company has three plans.


The first plan is of two rupees, in which 1 GB data will be available, 5 GB data will be available in the plan of 10 rupees and 10 GB data will be available in the plan of 20 rupees. The validity of all plans will be 24 hours. Explain that the average price of a company’s data plan is one rupee per GB.

After all, how is Wifi Dabba giving such cheap data?

WiFi Dabba
WiFi Dabba

Wifi Dabba has installed its Wi-Fi router at tea stalls and local shops. The name of this concept of the company is Supernodes. Through this supernodes, an internet facility can be provided at a rate of 100 GB per second for up to 20 kilometers. The company has also developed an operating system called Dabba for its router.

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The company is now planning to take this project to the apartment and society. The company has not laid any cable for Wi-Fi nor has purchased a spectrum from the government. In such a situation, only the cost of the router is coming, due to which the data is getting cheaper. The company has designed its own network system for cheap data.

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