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China: Hospital To Be Prepared in Six Days To Fight Coronavirus


China: The whole world is worried about the spread of coronavirus in China. Where the city of Wuhan in China has been completely closed and virus infection among people living there is being investigated. At the same time, patients suspected of this virus are also being treated in India. On the other hand, China is continuing to build a hospital within six days to deal with coronaviruses, so that patients can be treated in time. In China, where more than 4000 cases of this virus have been reported and 106 people have died so far.


It has been reported that the spread of this deadly virus started from the city of Wuhan with a population of 10 million. The condition of hospitals in Wuhan is worrying at the moment, there is a long queue of patients. The situation has become so bad that the stocks at the drugstores are over, but the demand is not stopping. In view of this, the Government of China has started the construction of a 1300-1500 beds hospital.

In the video released by the Chinese government media, it can be seen that excavation work has started for the hospital in an area of ​​25 thousand square meters. When the SARS virus spread in China in 2003, a similar hospital was built by Beijing to deal with it.

Joan Kauffman, who taught ‘Global Health and Social Medicine’ at Howard Medical School, said that this hospital is being built in the wake of this deadly disease and only those infected with this virus will come. For this reason, strict security arrangements will be made here.

Will the hospital be able in six days?

In the Council on Foreign Relations, ‘Global Health’ senior Yanjong Huang said that China is seen as an example to finish the biggest projects in the world at the earliest. China has a record in finishing projects early.

He said that the hospital was built in Beijing within seven days in 2003 and now an attempt is being made to break the same record. Like the hospital in Beijing, the hospital in Wuhan will also be built with pre-fabricated material (pre-fabricated material).

Huang said that China is fully capable of overcoming red-tapism and economic bottlenecks and mobilizing resources to do such things. To complete this work at the earliest, the best engineers have been called from every corner of the country.

Huang said that China has a worldwide dominance in engineering works. There is no harm to this country in building skyscrapers fast. Western countries will find it difficult to understand this but it is absolutely possible. After the construction of this hospital, Wuhan can either take medicines from other hospitals or get medicines directly from factories to supply medicines.

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What happened during the SARS epidemic?

In 2003, when China was struggling with the symptoms of SARS disease, China set up Geotangshan Hospital in Beijing to help the affected people. Its construction was completed in seven days. It allegedly set a world record for the fastest construction of a hospital.

According to, around 4,000 people worked day and night to build this hospital. An X-ray room, CT room, intensive care unit for intensive care and a laboratory were also built in the hospital. Along with this, one bathroom facility was also provided in each ward of the hospital.

Within two months after the construction of this hospital, a seventh of the total SARS patients present in the country was in this hospital. In the country’s media, it was called a ‘miracle in the history of medicine’.

Joan Kaufman said the Ministry of Health had ordered it to be built and hired nurses from other hospitals and doctors engaged in existing health facilities here. They had the necessary guidelines to identify and treat infected patients.

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