Coronavirus Outbreak

China is Hiding The Truth, Number of Deaths Due To Coronavirus May Be 24,000, Not 564!


Coronavirus Outbreak: So is China hiding the truth once again on Coronavirus? Regarding the deadly virus that has spread in more than two dozen countries, China has claimed that near about 3500 people have died so far. But Chinese company Tencent, which works in many countries, claims that the real number of deaths has reached 24,589.

The company inadvertently put this data on its website. But after spreading like fire all over the world, this data was removed. But this alleged revelation has given rise to speculation that the Chinese government is hiding the death toll.

According to the report of Taiwan newspaper ‘Taiwan News‘, there was an icon named Epidemic Tracker on the site of Tencent and on February 1 it was seen that around 24 and a half thousand have died. Whereas at that time the official figure was just 304 people.

In such a situation, if we trust the information of Tencent, then 80 times more people have died due to this disease than the government figures. Not only this, but there is also a significant difference in the number of suspected cases and people recovering from the disease. Tencent has not yet issued any clarification regarding this.


Coding disturbances or busted

On social media, speculation is intensifying that this original data of Tencent was leaked online due to a coding flaw in the computer. Some others believe that someone working at Tencent has intentionally leaked real data so that the world can know the real situation.

Bodies of people scattered in hospital corridors

A video was released a few days ago on social media. It claimed that he belonged to a hospital in Wuhan. The corpses of people are scattered in his corridor. Nobody is going to ask them. The condition is that a young doctor who has been working continuously for 10 days has died of a heart attack.

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