Uighur Muslims in China

China targeting Uighur Muslims; a leaked intelligence report revealed


Uighur Muslims: China is deliberately targeting Uighur Muslims. This has been revealed in a recently leaked intelligence report. The leaked report mentions the detention of over 300 Uighur Muslims along with their families. In addition, more than 2000 names of his relatives, neighbors, and friends are also included.


The name, address, national identification number, date, and place of detention of the detained person are recorded in the database. Apart from this, complete information has been collected about the family, religion, and neighbors of the concerned person. The report also records why he was detained.

From this information, it has been found that on what basis China decides who is to be detained and who is not. China has set up detention camps to maintain control over Uighur Muslims. This database states that religion is the main focus of detaining a person in China. While the administration often claims that it is just detaining political opponents.

China has been denying discrimination

Beijing has always denied that Uighur Muslims are discriminated against on the basis of religion in China. He repeatedly emphasizes that Detention Camp is only for training to get an alternative job.

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Millions of Uighur Muslims jailed

In the last six years, China has kept 20 lakh Uighur Muslims in custody in the name of their anti-terrorism operation. China calls it a vocational training camp, but former detainees allege that they are subjected to all kinds of torture. They are subjected to medical tests and their women are abused.

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