Citizenship Amendment Bill in Rajya Sabha

Citizenship Amendment Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha: Live Result


Citizenship Amendment Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha: Live Result: The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) was passed in the Rajya Sabha after the Lok Sabha. The bill received 125 votes in favor of the bill. Votes against 105. Now after signing the bill by the President, it will become law.


Whether the main bill will be sent to the Select Committee, it has been decided by voting. A total of fourteenth amendments were proposed by the various party MPs. But all the amendments have been rejected by MPs.

A strong debate has arisen regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Rajya Sabha. The bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday after the passage of the Lok Sabha on Monday. It has created a lot of debate between the ruling and opposition MPs.

On this day in the Rajya Sabha, Amit Shah dragged the context of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, claiming, “There have been religious frauds with millions of people.” The bill will give rights to those refugees. ”The Home Minister assured that there is no cause for fear of Muslims living in this country. Addressing the evening, Amit Shah said that the bill was not brought for political purposes. The previous government could not properly deal with the matter.

Rahul Gandhi has strongly criticized the Citizenship Amendment Bill in his tweet on Wednesday morning. Writes, “This bill is an attempt to racially purify the Northeast. Criminal attacks on the northeast. I’m on the northeast side. “

Anand Sharma, calling for the opposition to attack the BJP on behalf of the Congress, said, “This bill hits the soul of India.” At the same time, Anand Sharma replied to the allegations made by Amit Shah in the Lok Sabha that the Congress was responsible for the partition of the country.

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He directly blamed the Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League for dividing the country. Trinamool Congress has also given guns to the BJP based on the words of Amit Shah. Speaking on the Demonetization, party MP Derek O’Brien said, “Even if you assured, there is a reason for fear of the CAB. Because, at the time of the Demonetization, the Prime Minister assured. But everyone knows what the consequences were. “

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