Coronavirus in South Korea

Coronavirus: 1766 cases reported in South Korea, 13 died, practice with US military postponed


Coronavirus Outbreak: The number of infected people increased to 1,766 on Thursday (27 February) after 171 new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) were reported in South Korea. The country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that 115 new cases have been reported in the southeastern city of Daegu, where a total of 1,100 cases have been reported. So far 13 people have lost their lives in the country.


Meanwhile, US and South Korean forces postpone their upcoming joint exercises on Thursday (27 February). The Combined Forces Command said that the decision was taken after Seoul announced a very serious level of alert regarding the virus. He said, “It is postponed until the next notice is issued.”

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia has prohibited the visit of Islam’s holiest sites on Thursday (27 February) in view of the possibility of infection of the coronavirus a few months before the annual Haj pilgrimage. The move comes after more than 240 cases of coronavirus were reported in West Asia. Saudi Arabia’s decision aims to prevent foreign nationals from visiting the holy city of Mecca and Kaaba, where one billion eight million Muslims in the world offer prayers five times a day.

The judgment also said that the visit to the mosque of Prophet Mohammad in Madina would also be prohibited. Authorities have also barred entry of people coming to Saudi on tourist visas from countries affected by the virus. The announcement reflects his concern over the possible spread of the epidemic in Saudi Arabia.

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The epicenter of the epidemic in West Asia and the most affected country is Iran where 26 people have died out of 245 confirmed cases of the virus. Iran’s health ministry spokesman, Kinoosh Jahanpour, told a news conference on Thursday (27 February) about the death toll.

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