Coronavirus Treatment in Australia

Coronavirus: Australian researchers claim that Covid-19 patients recovering from HIV-malaria drug


Coronavirus: Each country is busy trying to discover the coronavirus drug, which has become one of the world’s epidemics. Meanwhile, researchers in Australia claimed on Monday that they had discovered two drugs to fight the virus.


Researchers say they have identified two drugs called HIV and anti-malaria, which are effective in treating coronavirus infections. David Paterson, director of the Clinical Research Center at the University of Queensland, said Monday that two drugs were used to stop the coronavirus in the test tube and that it was effective and ready to be tested on humans.

He also noted that one of these drugs is a drug used to treat HIV and the other is chloroquine used to treat malaria. Paterson stated that both of these drugs were used for some infected patients in Australia and that the virus proved to disappear completely.


Dr. Paterson of Communicable Diseases at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital provided more information on the matter, saying it was a potentially effective treatment. After this treatment, it was identified that there was no sign of coronavirus infection in the patient’s body.

He also stated that at this point we would like to examine the drug extensively among people in 50 hospitals across Australia so that comparative studies of the combination of these two drugs with other drugs can be made.

Patterson claimed that coronavirus had a very positive effect on some patients, although it was not tested in controlled circumstances or on a comparative basis. He said that the drug is in the form of a tablet, which is given to the patient by mouth.

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