Microbiologist Somraj Told How China Controlled Coronavirus in Wuhan

Coronavirus controlled due to this in Wuhan, biologist Somraj returned from China revealed this


There are many types of rumors about coronavirus in India. It is important to bring them under control in time. In Wuhan, China, all people followed the government’s advisory, only then could control over Coronavirus be found. The government also took tough measures to control the rumors. If you do not control them, you will face more problems in the third and fourth stages.


In a special conversation with Amar Ujala, Somaraj, a microbiologist from Kangra, who came from Wuhan, China, said this. Somraj said that everyone should follow the advisory of the government and administration so that control of the coronavirus can be found. It is said that the Coronavirus completely broke out on 20 January in Wuhan. Three days later, the Chinese government locked all cities on 23 January. After that, on 14 March, all cities except Wuhan were fully opened.

Now there are reports of the opening of Wuhan city on 1st April. Somraj of Mathalad Panchayat of the Jawali sub-division of Kangra said that he has been working as a microbiologist in a government-funded pharmaceutical company in Wuhan, China for the last three and a half years. Prior to this, he has worked in India for seven years. He said that he came to India from Wuhan on 27 February.


112 people came with him. None of them was coronavirus positive. On day 14, everyone was allowed to go home after carrying out Isolation at ITBP Camp in Delhi. He is then staying at home with his family. He said that after the city of Wuhan opens, he will go back to serve the company again. He is doing research work in the research and development of the new vaccine at the company to make medicines for pneumonia, typhoid.

The second stage of Corona in India right now

The microbiologist said that Coronavirus is in the second stage in India right now. In the third and fourth stages, it will have more effect. Therefore all people should follow the orders of the government properly.

The government will also have to take tough measures to control the rumors. Every person in Wuhan followed the government advisory, which brought the situation under control after about two months.

80 percent of people do not show symptoms

Somraj said that 80 percent of people do not have symptoms of coronavirus. Even 20 percent of young children and those around 60 or older show signs of coronavirus.

People should keep a distance from meeting public places and each other on some days to protect themselves. If a person has symptoms of body breakdown like fever, cold, cough and typhoid fever, then use the mask.

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