Coronavirus Epidemic

Coronavirus Epidemic: To prevent Covid-19 infection, we can take these lessons from the mistakes of China!


Coronavirus Epidemic: Before the outbreak of a deadly virus like Corona or Covid-19, China made some such mistakes, due to which the virus took the form of an epidemic. Now the question arises that what should India not do. Now our country should also learn from the mistakes of those countries where the coronavirus has taken a formidable form.


Wherever Coronavirus reached in the world, the struggle to deal with it continues. And to stop it where it has not reached. But the difficulty is that the world does not currently have any way to stop this epidemic. There is neither a vaccine nor any medicine. The speed with which this infection spreads is not easy to stop. The mistakes made by China after exposing this virus are not from us, so it is important to look at its mistakes.

Initially, due to a lack of awareness, the coronavirus went on spreading. People made a mistake in identifying the early signs of infection. This was the reason that due to the lack of early vigilance, this epidemic spread rapidly. China took strict steps after the matter got out of hand. There was also a delay in stopping the movement from one city to another.


China is not much better than India in terms of doctors. But seeing the virus, the speed with which China increased its medical facilities and set up temporary hospitals has undoubtedly saved the lives of many patients. In view of the danger coming to India too, temporary hospitals and quarantine centers will have to be built in the country. Apart from this, during the lockdown, school-colleges, offices, and roads will have to be sanitized on a large scale.

Strict steps will have to be taken:

If you want to defeat the Coronavirus epidemic, you have to take tough steps. However, India has already taken some steps due to Corona. Expect that Corona has created panic in the countries of the world, not in India. Even if people don’t have to spend a few more days at home for this. Because if there is life, there is the world.

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