Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus exists for 72 hours on plastic and 48 hours on steel, claims in research


Coronavirus Outbreak: New discoveries are being made daily in scientific studies about the coronavirus which has become epidemic worldwide. The research claimed that it can survive up to 72 hours in plastic and 48 hours on a steel surface. This research reveals the reasons for its rapid spread.

Researchers at three of the world’s premier institutions, Princeton University, University of California and National Institute of Allergy, have concluded this. This research has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


The researchers conducted a comparative study of SARS and corona in this study. Their presence was tested on various surfaces. There are many similarities between the two. These two strains of Corona can survive for three hours in the air, 4 hours on a copper surface, 48 hours on stainless steel and 72 hours in plastic.

But the duration of their durability on wood was recorded separately. The coronavirus was present on the cardboard for about 24 hours while the SARS virus was found on the cardboard for only eight hours.


Scientists say that this research proves how this virus is spreading so fast. SARS also spread at this pace. According to the researchers, if the corona infected person touches something of steel or plastic then within the next 48 to 72 hours if another person touches it and then puts his hand on the mouth or nose then he can get an infection. The same applies in the case of wooden items.

CDC Atlanta says the biggest reason for the spread of corona is the direct spread from one person to another. But this study says that infection is another major cause of infection through goods. Let us know that previous research has claimed that about 28 percent of people got an infection due to unknown reasons. They neither went to the infected area nor came in contact with an infected patient nor were they relatives or health workers. Now the reason is clear.

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