Coronavirus in China

Coronavirus: Good news from China, No domestic case came out for the first time


Beijing: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. The disease started from Wuhan city of China has taken about one and a half countries in its grip. Meanwhile, the big news has come that not a single domestic case of this virus spread from China has come to light on Thursday. Although a total of 34 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in China on Wednesday, all these were cases of infection of foreign nationals.


According to the National Health Commission, this is the first time that not a single positive case of coronavirus has come in China. The virus started spreading in Wuhan city of China from December. Let us know that 11 million people were placed in isolation on 23 January after the coronavirus spread from Wuhan. Apart from this, more than 40 million other people of Hubei province were not allowed to go anywhere. Apart from this, the Chinese government had also taken tough steps for a public function.

According to China’s Health Ministry, there have been eight more deaths in China due to coronavirus. These eight deaths have taken place in Hubei. At the same time, there have been nearly three thousand deaths due to coronavirus in China. Apart from this, about 81 thousand people in China are infected with this virus.

At the same time, more than seven thousand people are suffering from Covid-19. If we talk about the whole world, about 2 lakh people have been infected with this virus till now. Apart from this, about eight thousand people have died. Let us know that on March 10, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Wuhan for the first time.

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On 10 March itself, Hubei officials allowed people from all cities except Wuhan to travel within China. Between 5 and 17 January, China did not report any new cases of the virus. Even Japan and Thailand announced the first transition. The Health Commission of Hubei Province said that the total number of infected cases in Wuhan and Hubei has been 50,005 and 67,800.

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