Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Coronavirus: If Pakistan says, then India is ready to bring its citizens back to India from China


Coronavirus: India has made a big statement about Pakistani citizens trapped in the deadly Wuhan province of China affected by the deadly coronavirus. The Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that if anyone requests the Pak government, we will think about its citizens trapped in China.


On the video of Pakistani students in China seeking help from India, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that we have not received any request from the Government of Pakistan regarding this. But, if such a situation arises and we have resources then we will consider it.

Remember that thousands of Pakistani students trapped in the Coronavirus-affected Wuhan region had pleaded with Prime Minister Imran Khan to evacuate them. The students cited India and asked them to be airlifted like Indian citizens.


President of Portugal will visit India

The President of Portugal and the Vice President of Vietnam will visit India. Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said that Portugal’s President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will come for a state visit to India from 13 to 16 February. This will be his first visit to India.

Vice President of Vietnam will come to India

He further said that the Vice President of Vietnam will be on an official visit to India from 11-13 February. During the trip, a direct flight between India and Vietnam can be announced.

Speaking on Coronavirus, he said that we have succeeded in evacuating 640 Indian nationals and seven Maldives nationals from China in two flights. Raveesh Kumar said it was a complex operation and we appreciate the support and facility given by the Chinese government during this exercise.

All existing Chinese e-visas are no longer valid. Similarly, normal visas that have been issued will also not be valid for long. Those who have specific reasons for visiting India can contact our Embassy or the nearest Consulate to apply for a visa. He said that visa restrictions only apply to Chinese people.

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Raveesh Kumar further said, e-visas are available for certain categories for travel to India, diplomats do not fall into that category. Diplomatic visas can be requested at the embassy. Therefore, the diplomatic process will not be affected by this.

He further said I am not aware of any restrictions imposed by the Government of India on the operation of any commercial flight between India and China. Airlines are free to make decisions based on their own assessment.

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