Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus in India: First Case Surfaced in India, Kerala Student Infected in Deadly Coronavirus


Coronavirus in India: Coronavirus has caused an uproar in China. So far 170 people have lost their lives there. Now, this virus has reached India. A student from Kerala has been confirmed to be vulnerable to the virus. He studies at Wuhan University in China and returned home. His present condition is stable and is being closely monitored by the medical team. At the same time, a person from Tripura has died in Malaysia.


After the matter came to light, Kerala Health Minister KK Shaleja said that 20 samples were sent for examination, out of which one sample has been found positive. He said that he came from the city of Wuhan in China, now he is kept in the isolation ward of a hospital in Thrissur.

The Health Minister said that those who are returning after traveling from China should report to the Health Department immediately. He said that the department has directed home quarantine for those who are returning from China.


The minister said that we have directed all hospitals, including private hospitals, to monitor patients coming with symptoms similar to coronavirus. The health department is ready to start treatment by isolating patients.

Symptoms of coronavirus not found inside the patient admitted in RML of Delhi

The reports of three patients who were admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital in the wake of coronavirus exposure have come negative. No coronavirus symptoms have been found in any of the patients in the report. One of the three hospitalized patients was a resident of Ghaziabad while the remaining two are residents of Delhi.

All three have recently returned from China and were ill. According to the doctors, the report of the three patients was to come from the national laboratory in Pune, which has arrived on Thursday itself. All of them have been discharged from the hospital after the report came.

Tripura’s person died in Malaysia

Tripura’s family has claimed that his family member died in Malaysia due to coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting on deadly spreading coronavirus.

News of the first case of coronavirus revealed in Tibet

The first case of deadly coronavirus in Tibet is reported to be confirmed. The first case in Tibet came to light when a 34-year-old man from China’s Hubei province fell ill during a trip to Tibet.

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Keep these five things in mind

  • Wash hands with soap for 20 seconds
  • Take special care of cleanliness
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Keep away from sick people
  • Wear an N-95 mask before going to public places
  • Go to the hospital on complaints of cold, cold, fever, phlegm

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