Researchers Identified 69 Drugs To Test Against Coronavirus Infection

Coronavirus Medicine: Researchers identified 69 drugs that can be tested to fight Covid-19


Coronavirus Medicine: Research is continuing in many countries about the corona vaccine and medicine, amid the worldwide increasing infection of the coronavirus that started in China. Although no firm treatment has been revealed so far, many research results are coming out positive. While the vaccine has been tested on the human body in the US, the Indian company Cipla and the Japanese company Takeda Pharma, on the other hand, have claimed to have made the drug.

Coronavirus Medicine
Coronavirus | Image: PTI

Meanwhile, another relief news is coming. Scientists have identified 69 drugs that can be tested to fight against coronavirus. Two dozen drugs are already under testing, while the drug Chloroquine used to treat malaria is also showing good results.

A worker investigating phosphate production in China has proven that the malarial drug chloroquine may work against the corona. However, there may be a risk in its use right now. Currently, a team of researchers reported on Monday night that 69 drugs could be experimentally effective in treating Covid-19 infection. Scientists said that some drugs have already been used to treat other diseases. It is known that no drug has yet been made available for Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Coronavirus Infection
Coronavirus Infection | Image: PTI

The list of 69 drugs that scientists have identified has been shown in a study published on the Biorxiv website. Researchers have presented this report to a journal for its publication. It is known that hundreds of researchers have done an unusual study on the gene of coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2. This gene infects the lung cell and for that, needs to inhibit the viral protein which spreads coronavirus.

In the new study, scientists have investigated 26 of the 29 genes of the coronavirus, which directly produce viral proteins. Researchers found 332 human proteins targeted by the coronavirus. Researchers have identified drugs that also affect human proteins, which prevent the coronavirus from entering human cells. Researchers conducted investigations among candidates who have now undergone clinical tests, who are still under trial.

Coronavirus Medicine
Medicine | Image: Pixa

It is being reported that the list also includes antibiotics, which kill bacteria by reducing the cellular machinery used to make proteins. Some of those drugs are linked to human proteins. The new study suggests that its effect may be antiviral treatment. The drug chloroquine included in the list is also effective in killing single-celled parasites.

However, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, no evidence has yet been found that chloroquine is capable of destroying the corona. At the same time, the identification of these 69 drugs can prove to be effective in finding a treatment for coronavirus infection.

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