Donald Trump Approves Malaria Drug To Treat Coronavirus Patient

Coronavirus Medicine: US President Donald Trump claims – malaria drug effective in treating coronavirus; approval of use


Coronavirus Medicine: After the continuous death and thousands of new cases due to coronavirus worldwide, where the situation remains appalling, on the other hand, the medicine used by the US against malaria has been claimed to be effective in its treatment.


US President Donald Trump said the drug used in malaria and arthritis has proven to be better at treating of coronavirus. President Donald Trump said Thursday that the Coronvirus Task Force, formed on behalf of his administration, has approved anti-malaria drug to use to treat Coronavirus patients.

118 confirmed deaths from Corona in America so far


During the briefing of the Corona Virus Task Force, the US President said – is a long-used drug in malaria and arthritis. Hydroxychloroquine, which will be made ‘available immediately’ to patients with coronavirus upon prescription. According to the Associated Press, the US has so far confirmed 7,701 patients and 118 deaths from the coronavirus.

FDA chief Stephen Hein said the agency had been instructed by the president to closely monitor whether chloroquine use could be increased. He cautioned that a large and factual clinical trial is needed to gather information about the effects of chloroquine.

Trump said – this medicine can be a game-changer

The President has pointed out that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine will first be used against it in New York. Regarding the treatment of Coronavirus patients, Trump said- I think it would be very effective. It can be a game-changer.

The US $ 500 billion cash aid scheme to citizens

US President Donald Trump is preparing a massive and unprecedented plan to transfer money directly from the state treasury to help citizens cope with the devastating economic effects of the Coronavirus epidemic on their country.

Direct money transfer can amount to $ 500 billion. It will be given in two installments. This amount is equal to one-sixth of India’s annual gross domestic product (GDP). If this amount is distributed equally among all American citizens, then 33 crore people will get more than one lakh rupees.

Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday that no final decision had been taken yet, but several media reports said his administration had sent a resolution in this regard to Congress. According to the proposal, the Direct Money Transfer scheme for Americans is to be in two installments of $ 250-250 billion – first, in early April and second, in mid-May.

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Citizens in the United States have been given this kind of help in times of severe economic crisis, but this time the proposal of the White House is quite large and no country in the world can match it in terms of total funds.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Finance Ministry has proposed a direct payment of US $ 500 billion to US citizens in two installments to counter the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic. According to the report, assistance will be given on the basis of family size and income.

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