Ministry of Home Affairs Issued Lockdown Guidelines Today

Coronavirus: Ministry of Home Affairs issued guidelines after lockdown extension in the country


New Delhi: The central government on Wednesday issued new guidelines after the lockdown extended till May 3 due to the Coronavirus epidemic. These guidelines have been issued until May 3, till the lockdown will last.


As per the revised guidelines, travel by air, rail and road, operation of educational and training institutes, industrial and commercial activities, continued restrictions on cinema halls and shopping complexes will remain in force.

The government has said that since all schools-colleges, coaching, etc. will remain closed during lockdown phase 2, online education can be imparted. The ban on all social, political and other events will also continue. Apart from this, as long as the lockdown is in place in the country, all religious places will also be closed.


At the same time, it has been made mandatory to use homemade masks in the workplace and public places. As per the revised guidelines, orders have been given to make sanitizers available to offices, shift shifts as per guidelines, and thermal screening.

As per the government lockdown guidelines, in the second phase of lockdown, work related to farming has been exempted. Mandis will also be operational. Agricultural shops and spare parts shops will also be open. Apart from this, there is no restriction on transporting agricultural machines from one state to another.

At the same time, banks, ATMs and related services will continue to get discounts as before. The government has asked the local administration to provide security personnel to the banks. However, during this period, social distancing is also directed to be followed.

The government has said that the revised guidelines are in view of the benefits gained during the first phase of lockdown and to prevent the infection of corona in the second phase. Along with this, the government aims to provide relief to farmers and workers and daily wage earners during the second lockdown.

Lockdown extended till 3 May

The lockdown has been extended until May 3 to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. While announcing on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi said that the lockdown has resulted in effective prevention of infection. The Prime Minister said in a 25-minute address to the nation that strict adherence to lockdown will be ensured in the second phase. He had said that from April 20, relaxation can also be given in some areas.

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